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Due to certain circumstances the main Inner Ear website still isn’t online and kicking ass like it used to. But don’t worry, there is progress, I just don’t  feel like sitting around and waiting any longer, so in the meantime I decided to continue on a smaller scale. I still do reviews, interviews, promotion and spread interesting music news, but the interface will temporarily be through this blog. When the main website becomes active again, this blog will still be a part of it, yet it will serve more of a support function. For now, I’ll be posting reviews, interviews, music news, Inner Ear events, photos, etc. Basically I’ll continue blog-style with the whole setup.

I apologize for all the mess in the past months with the relaunching and not relaunching and such, but in between the problems I had with Inner Ear and a very hectic personal time, other priorities had taken over for awhile. And since I do this thing almost completely on my own, it’s quite time consuming. However, I have not lost my love for music or for this service, so I will definitely keep on doing it.



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