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Review: My Silent Bravery – “Can’t Quit”

June 28, 2011

Previous releases by Matt Shwachman/My Silent Bravery have been featured on Inner Ear Media and have received promising feedback. What stuck to me most when I listened to the previous albums was that there was plenty of potential and that the songwriting showed that we were dealing with a songwriter that wasn’t looking for the easy way out, or rather the easy way ‘in’.

There were some things that I was missing still though. It was hard to pinpoint it, but it just felt like something wasn’t quite there yet. On this new release “Can’t Quit”, Matt and his co-conspirators show maturity in the songwriting and a more cohesive and natural sound. There’s good rhythm in virtually all of the songs and all the songs are catchy as hell. Listen to Alright which is a massive college radio hit in the making or to the modern pop/rock anthem (with a little bit of a post-grunge edge in the vocal arrangement) title track Can’t Quit.

The band changes tempo throughout the songs and within the songs. They listened to contemporary artists and incorporated help from colleagues. This approach has helped to transform My Silent Bravery from a promising group into a full-grown mature pop act that would most definitely find an audience on pop radio if given a chance.

From the way the band works to a climax on Burnt Out to the sonic sound of Last One Left and the laid-back closing track Today Is Tomorrow’s Yesterday, the band keeps up a high level, both in the songwriting department and executing the songs.

“Can’t Quit” is a modern pop album that compares very well against other releases in the genre. My Silent Bravery might not yet be a name that rings a bell for you, but if they can keep this up and maybe improve a little more, get a little more distinctive maybe, they should definitely become a name that everyone has heard of. If there are some other people in the business that are willing to give this band a shot and offer them regular airplay and if they get the chance to perform in some high profile places, maybe open up for a big name, there’s no reason this band shouldn’t play in the big leagues in the near future. Keep an eye out for My Silent Bravery, they’re marching in!

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