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Bertolf – Snakes  & Ladders
April 23, 2010

Debuting with “For Life”, Bertolf instantly became a success in the Netherlands. The melodic guitar pop & roll was pleasant to listen to and perfectly crafted to do well on the radio. But without becoming a cliché. Therefore, expectations for Bertolf’s sophomore release were high. A respected songsmith and balladeer, Bertolf had his work cut out for him.

With “Snakes & Ladders” he delivers and meets the expectations. His success may very well have longevity to it as he proves on a very solid second release. Catchy songs like Two In A Million and Fortune Changes Overnight are bound to become solid radio hits in the upcoming year.

Overall the sound of the album has become a little less mainstream. Bertolf uses more influences from roots and blues music and doesn’t get into the breezy, folky side of his genre very much. In my opinion this is a good decision as it makes the album cohesive and collective. The tracks fit together well.

As a songwriter, Bertolf definitely belongs at the top. His lyrics are accessible but not cliché and the musical arrangements are not the prefab, formulaic kind you see way too often these days. He knows when to keep it simple and when to add something to the songs and while “Snakes & Ladders” may not be the most surprising album of the year, but it is rock solid.

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