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Imogen Heap – Live @ Luxor, Köln
March 14, 2010 // Luxor, Cologne

Imogen Heap

It would be unfair to say I was a fan of Imogen Heap before today. I appreciated her work and I have always thought her songwriting was unique and very interesting. So when a friend I recently made asked me if I wanted to come along to her show in Cologne, it wasn’t a big stretch for me to say that I would very much like to tag along.

And after tonight, I’m very glad I did. Back Ted N-Ted opened the show. He did his thing, and he didn’t do it too bad, but honestly, I didn’t get too excited about his little performance. He had a couple moments, but overall it didn’t come across too memorable. I don’t know if it were the songs or if he just wasn’t able to get the songs’ full potential out there tonight. He seems like a nice kid and an interesting musician, but he needs to gain experience in songwriting and stage presence I think.

A little while later, Imogen Heap came on stage and pretty much from the get-go, she displayed she was extremely comfortable doing what she’s doing and with a lot of humor and great timing, she was able to get the whole (sold out!) venue on her hands in no time. In between technical issues with the sampling computer, funny jokes and anecdotes about the men in her life, she showed off her musicality, often assisted by Back Ted N-Ted and other touring musicians. The interesting and very original arrangements of the songs are what makes her so special. That and her unique vocals.

She’s an excellent pianist and stage performer and her songs leave a lot of room for a little improvising here and there and are remarkably fit for a full show. I couldn’t tell you the setlist for the life of me, but I know I was very impressed with what I saw and heard tonight. An excellent performance by a very interesting and unique musician. And after tonight, I believe it is fair to call myself a fan of Imogen Heap!

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After a hiatus of 7 years, American mainstream rockers Lifehouse return to Europe. Their success has grown in the US & Canada, as well as in certain areas of South East Asia, but in the meantime Europe and other international areas stopped hearing from the band alltogether. Where they scored hit after hit in the US, the singles weren’t even released in most countries in Europe.

But things are about to change. In late february, the band visits The Netherlands & Germany for promotional gigs and scheduled two concerts in Germany (Cologne @ Luxor – Berlin @ Frannz) and one in the Netherlands (Amsterdam @ Melkweg).

Tickets are bound to sell out fairly quickly, so don’t hesitate too long if you intend to attend the show(s).

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