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Derek Clegg – Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck
November 30, 2010

We gave Derek Clegg’s previous record (“KJC”) a favorable review. His ingenuity and the fact that he does pretty much everything by himself, from start to finish, is something that can only higher your respect for this talented musician.

On his new release, “Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck”, which is once again available for a ‘pay what you want’-fare (go here to listen to, download or buy the album), builds on the same principles as “KJC”. The indie/folk mix works with Clegg’s pleasant vocals.

The album starts with It’s Over which is a very accessible, mid-tempo song that eases you into this record. But right on the next track, The Best That I Can Be, Clegg shows us what he’s really made of. The arrangement of the song shows creativity and Clegg also isn’t afraid to change it up a little bit. He doesn’t use too many bells and whistles, he sticks to the song as it is.

On the next tune we hear a guest musician (Tim James). Don’t Care is one of my favorite tracks of “Here Comes Your Fate..” as it is a song that easily gets stuck in your head. The smooth progression of the song makes it a very good candidate to pursue radio play with. This song has a lot of potential, it sounds very current and could help Derek Clegg find that breakthrough he may be looking for. It certainly confirmed my opinion of his talent. Find It Someday features some interesting guitar stuff but isn’t the most memorable song on the album even though it’s more than solid. Only The Lonely (featuring Leon Harris) didn’t stick with me as much as the rest of the album as it kind of just slowly mutters on. The next song Say Something however is another potential radio release. The song is essentially uncomplicated, with which I mean that it doesn’t sound forced and that the song is quite basic which makes it accessible and quite catchy. And I find myself singing “say something, say something good…” for quite some time after I listened to the song.

The acoustic Stay or Go is another strong song. It took some time for me to really warm up to the song, but the song has a certain power to it that gets to you eventually. I imagine it is most likely Clegg’s vocals that draw you in, in the end. And it’s built up pretty nicely as well. Love This Place features Ben Ames and the song stands out as it’s quite different from the rest. But it definitely is one of the album’s highlights. Interesting guitar work and good vocals. It has the surfy, summery, groovy feel that singer/songwriters like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Donavon Frankenreiter, etc. are known for, but at the same time it’s very round and melodic. Musically this is definitely one of the stronger songs on “Here Comes Your Fate…” The album closer The Slow Down has some electronic work to it and I haven’t been able to really warm up to it. I’m not sure if it really is, but at times it comes across a little messy or foggy to me. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it hasn’t been able to convince me really.

All in all, “Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck” is a solid follow-up to “KJC”. It has some excellent songs (The Best That I Can Be, Don’t Care, Love This Place) that really show a lot of potential and may very well facilitate a chance for Clegg to become known more widely. His talent surely justifies that. He delivered yet another strong album that you can give a spin, or even download, for free. And if you like it, don’t hesitate to chip in a few coins to compensate the artist, so he can keep on presenting us with these little treats of music.

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Derek Clegg – KJC
February 8, 2010

A couple months ago Derek Clegg approached me through Last.fm, asking me if I would check out his new album. Not one to turn away from possibly discovering an interesting new artist, I started listening to his album “KJC”, which is his 4th release. I found myself interested in the layered songwriting, and in his eclectic approach he manages to keep the songs very accessible and at times even catchy. This is no small feat and in many aspects Clegg isn’t a typical singer/songwriter.

First of all, he does everything by himself, the whole process of writing, recording, preproduction, production, post-production, distribution, etc. etc. Of course he gets a little help here and there, but he’s the songwriter, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who plays pretty much everything on the album (on 3 tracks he gets a little help on bass & drums). I like that. It shows he puts a lot of energy in it, that literally he put himself out there.

And it’s not just an admirable effort, it’s also an album filled with good songs, and occasionally even great songs. The lush sounding Home is a splendid americana/pop song with a nice folky undertone. It does a good job of sticking in your head. Also Quirky Little Love Song is quite good. At first it just sounds, well, quirky, but after you heard it a few times you can appreciate the thought behind it even better. The acoustic-based Adore has a beautiful arrangement and lyrics that feel like they speak to you on a personal level. But the best song on the album is the indie/folk  of Found. It sounds so simple, but it’s actually not that easy to play and Clegg is able to create a very organic song that’s filled with emotion. It feels rich and intimate at the same time. And this is exactly what makes me call Derek Clegg a strong songwriter. And that he can perform the song accordingly only deepens my respect for him.

“KJC” is a pretty good release, containing some stellar songs, making Clegg a very interesting artist to listen to and a joy to discover, even if it took me 4 albums to even hear of him. Not all the songs stand out as much, but there aren’t really any bad songs on the album. But it’s the stand out songs (which I mentioned above) that make this album very worthy of your time and effort. Give it a spin, you can listen to it for free on Last.fm.

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