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Zack Borer – Dollars Spent On Nothing [EP]
May 8, 2010

Zack Borer is an interesting singer/songwriter, similar in style as John Mayer, Keaton Simons, Jason Mraz and the likes, but certainly not yet on the same level. The songs on “Dollars Spent On Nothing” show potential but do not really stand out in the crowd. It may have something to do with the production or mixing of the album, but Borer is very much a beginning artist.

Bring Back The Days is a nice soulful song that would make a very decent radio single. It’s a song that could garner attention, cause exposure and give Borer a chance to meet people, for doors to be opened, so that he can exploit his potential. Because that he’s talented is for certain, he just needs to learn, listen and develop.

Give him a few years to open up for bigger, more accomplished artists and Borer will pick up the tricks of the trade and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him break through eventually.

His vocals are strong and his songwriting shows promise. The previously mentioned Bring Back The Days and the next song, She, are probably the highlights of the 5-song EP. The opener 45 Days is a little catchy but not quite memorable and for the most part the same thing goes for Here & There (though the funky undertone is a nice touch). Closer Save Me doesn’t quite convince either. It’s a decent mainstream pop/rock song, but there are many similar songs out there that are just better.

“Dollars Spent On Nothing” is an interesting release. It shows promise, but it’s a first step. It’s the first peek around the corner. But Borer shows potential and if he is able to learn and evolve, there may well be a bright future for him as a singer/songwriter, or maybe he’ll even form a band to come up with a fuller, more diverse sound. For the moment he writes and performs decent songs that sound fine, but hasn’t yet reached the major leagues.

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