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Nathan Brooks – Dream In Truths
September 10, 2010

After reviewing a lot of singer/songwriter albums I sometimes get flashbacks or feelings like “wait, didn’t I hear this before”? While Nathan Brooks is relatively new on our radar, he manages to avoid these sentiments. With “Dream In Truths” he delivers a solid singer/songwriter disc.

With a mainstream pop/rock approach and relatable lyrics, Brooks manages to engage the listener quite directly. While there is definitely the influence of faith and religion in his music, Brooks is able to keep the lyrics open to interpretation in most of the songs. This makes the album more accessible for a wider audience and because the songs are quite direct and don’t have too many whistles and bells the songs have an honest and sincere quality.

Songs like Back Again, It’s Love and Forever Now have a kind of powerful ballad-like style, while (potential) radio singles like Soundtrack, Where To Begin and Worthy have a little more kick and tempo to them that gives the album the energy it needs.

But what struck me most while listening to “Dream In Truths” is the passion. In all the songs you can hear Nathan Brooks’ passion for music, for faith, for love, for life in general. I often say singer/songwriters need to bring something extra, something special to the table if they have the desire to make it in that highly competitive scene. Nathan Brooks has that, he literally pours his heart out on this record, and as he grows as a songwriter and a musician, I have a feeling this will only bring him more success.

But for now “Dream In Truths” is a strong record that may be a little bit safe here and there, but safe isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Music is like an organism, it develops and evolves and at this stage, “Dream In Truths” marks Nathan Brooks as a musician and it is a record that deserves recognition. Fans of artists like John Taglieri, Edwin McCain, Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Wickham and Shawn McDonald are likely to be very happy to embrace this new and exciting artist.

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