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Goldfrapp – Head First
March 19, 2010

Goldfrapp made a little side step into a more folky, breezy arena with “The Seventh Tree” but with their new album “Head First” they are reinventing themselves. They did synthpop before, but this new album is nothing like their older work. It starts of with the dancefloor single Rocket which will be in my head for another couple of weeks.

The whole first half album is filled with clever beats, driving synths and underlying melodies that may just have their roots in 80s pop music. Apart from the excellent opening track, the ABBA-influenced Alive would instantly win them the Eurovision Songfestival. And also on the title track Goldfrapp seems to channel a little ABBA. But enough with the ABBA mentions. Goldfrapp defines themselves musically. And you can really hear that on excellent tracks like Hunt (sounds more mysterious, and in a strange way seductive) and the surprisingly persistent I Wanna Life.

I’m not known for my love for synthpop, even though I really do enjoy it from time to time, as long as it’s done right. And you can’t do it much more right than Goldfrapp on “Head First”. It’s consistent, it’s strong and the album really is a tribute to pop music. Not in the least to the music on the album itself.

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