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Amy Petty – House of Doors
November 1, 2010

You may remember Amy Petty from her previous album “Mystery Keeps You”. A rare discovery who was able to combine the storytelling with true musicianship, with a conviction and sincerity that you don’t see all that often anymore these days.

She shows that same quality on her new release “House of Doors”. With an even better production than the predecessor and excellent contributions from guest and session musicians, Petty creates a perfect situation to deliver a follow-up that can deliver on the promises she made on her last release.

Right from the start you can hear the quality in the music and with Petty’s ability to vary between powerful, fragile and sentimental vocals which she uses to accentuate her more than excellent lyrics, you can hear a very complete singer/songwriter.

Songs like Amelia are sung and played so well that you actually start to relate to the character of the song. Other highlights like Skeleton Key, Sketches of Plans and Sleepwalking To Dreaming show you how remarkable it is that this artist hasn’t yet been discovered by a much wider audience. The way Amy Petty combines emotion, sincerity, and poetic lyricism, she hits the essence of songwriting. That’s exactly why her songs can become so powerful.

And songs like Get Over It, Spinning Plates and You Make Me Free have a current feel that would have a real shot on the radio. So in that aspect there is a real chance that the people may actually hear about this talented musician. Because if there’s any justice in this world, Amy Petty is on the verge of breaking through. “Mystery Keeps You” may have been a very good and very promising album, but on “House of Doors”, Petty steps it up a few more notches and I’m not exaggerating when I say that there aren’t many in the genre that can meet the same standard that Amy Petty does. “House of Doors” came in a little late to compete for album of the year, but it will most definitely carry over into the 2011 competition. It is just that good!

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