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Tru Blue – Smells Like Music

Tru Blue is the brainchild of current and former members of The Derelicts and some other great musicians. They put together an album with eight songs that are pretty much a definition of music. Mashing many different influences (rock & roll, reggae, americana, folk, blues, etc.) together into a very pleasing package, Tru Blue delivers on a very, very solid album.

Starting with the funky title track, Smells Like Music, the album is off to a good start. The talented Judah Tafarhi takes on the lead vocals and brings reggae right back in our hearts. This track makes you feel the sun is shining.

Shame To See You Go has bluesy vocals and a very nice, groovy melody. While the vocals and guitar have a bluesy influence, the song also hints at Westcoast influences at time. It’s one of those tracks that just makes you feel good.

The album continues with the more intimate, folky Alone & Waiting, which is the money track for me. Impressive vocals and a very complete arrangement. The instrumentals are subtle when the vocals are present and when it’s just instrumental the band shows excellence!

Next up, Do The Best You Can. And Tru Blue definitely did. What an amazing funky rock & roll song. And remarkably catchy also. It has an edge, it has mystery, it has balls. It’s music like you don’t hear very often anymore. And then the band follows it up with a cool americana track called Between Us, which is the most natural and organic sounding track on the album.

On My Mind has a very cool intro, and while I like the arrangement of the song, it is my least favorite track on the album. I miss some excitement, some spirit in this song. Musically it’s sound, but maybe it carries on too much.

On You Just Got Here they pick it up again and the folky approach works really well and it’s just such a pretty song. Very well done. After that highlight, they close the album with Where Will You Be When I’m Gone. It’s an ending you’d like to hear to an album. Nearly 6 minutes of absolutely enjoying good music. And just imagine how good this would sound live!

“Smells Like Music” doesn’t only smell like music, it sounds like music. It brings together different influences, different musicians and a whole lot of music talent. Commercially this might not be the most succesfull album, but it’s a treat for the true fan of honest music!

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