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K’s Choice – Echo Mountain
April 6, 2010

K’s Choice, they were huge in the nineties. We haven’t heard much of them lately as they were on a hiatus and off to do other things in the meantime. Frontlady Sarah Bettens released solo albums and frontman Gert Bettens spent time with his other band Woodface. But K’s Choice is back. The band has changed in a few spots with excellent new musicians and there’s a brand new album called “Echo Mountain”.

You will no doubt remember K’s Choice for their hit albums “Paradise In Me”, “Cocoon Crash” & “Almost Happy”. They had international success with their hit single “Not An Addict” and had a very good live reputation.

They may have not released anything as K’s Choice for awhile, but the expectations for their new release were very high. And with lead single Come Live The Life, which is also the opener of the album, they start out strong. The very accessible yet alternative sound of the song is exactly what made K’s Choice such a successful act. Sarah Bettens’ excellent and breathy lead vocals are backed up by great musicians and the band is able to create that signature sound and delivers right from the start.

“Echo Mountain” presents us with two discs, both containing 7 songs. The first disc varies from uptempo rockers (Echo Mountain, Perfect, I Will Carry You) and more catchy alternative pop/rock (Come Live The Life, When I Lay Beside You) and the groovier Let It Grow and rootsy, yet very catchy If This Isn’t Right, which would make an excellent radio single. The second disc is a lot calmer and provides us with songs that sound more like Sarah Bettens songs than K’s Choice songs in my opinion. The songs are very good and especially These Are The Thoughts which has a nice rhythm, the intimate 16 and the soulful Along For The Ride are absolute highlights, but overall it sounds more like disc 1 is the K’s Choice album and disc 2 is the Sarah Bettens album you got for the same bargain.

The fans of K’s Choice in the 90s and early 2000s will be very satisfied with the first disc as K’s Choice shows they haven’t forgotten how to make great alternative pop/rock music. The songs on the first disc lend themselves very well for live shows because of their energy and many of the songs could do well on the radio. K’s Choice is definitely back. The second disc has more of a singer/songwriter nature and shows a different side of the band. It doesn’t have the energy the first half of the album provided, but the sentiment in the songs is just perfect.

Above all, this band knows how to write songs and how to deliver them convincingly. They might have been off doing other things for the past couple of years, but with “Echo Mountain” there can be no doubt that they are back where they belong. Right at the top ranks of pop music.

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