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Lady Danville – Lady Danville [EP]
December 16, 2007

This is an EP from 2007, but I didn’t come across it until recently. Lady Danville is a pretty unknown pop group out of Los Angeles. In 2007 they released a 5-song EP with pleasant, radio-friendly pop songs.

Their songs are basically acoustic (either piano or guitar) based songs that may be quite simple, but at the same time very effective. It’s catchy and unlike many pop bands that crank out catchy songs, these songs don’t get annoying. The lead off track Anthem is not too much out of the ordinary, but the second track Tired Magician is a very good song. The band delivers on a strong track with good vocal harmonies and an excellent build-up. More layers and intensity are added to the song as it goes on. The progression of the song is very strong.

The EP has 3 more songs on it, including the radio-friendly Cast Away and laid-back Love To Love which just sounds like a bunch of musicians having fun making a song together. And that laid-back, fun loving feeling the song has, that is exactly what makes it such a strong track. The closer David is faster-paced and I imagine it could be a pretty interesting live track, but to me it didn’t really feel like a closing track. Very decent song, but wrong placement on the CD.

The self-titled “Lady Danville” EP is an early statement from a pop band that’s on the rise. Songwriting is pretty good, lyrically they don’t grab all the cliché’s out of the closet and musically everything’s pretty sound. Maybe a little more energy or intensity would make the songs stand out a little more, but this EP is a very good first step and as the band gains more recognition I would imagine they could become a pretty big hit in the US, and who knows what happens then.

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Jason Reeves, Graham Colton, and Lady Danville @ Cafe 939
April 23, 2010 – Boston, MA

Friday night at the Cafe, part of Berklee College of Music, was a great night for music. The sound in this small room is great – very quiet, and most musicians play acoustic so the sound isn’t too overwhelming. The intimate setting also allows for more interaction between the artist and the fans. Both Jason Reeves and Graham Colton played some requests.

The opener for the night was Lady Danville, an unsigned 3 piece band. They were probably the most entertaining of the night. The songs were fun to listen to, and their acoustic vibe was unique. The drummer played just with his hands (no sticks). They even did a cover of the MGMT song “Kids”:

Next up was Graham Colton, a musician I have liked for almost 10 years now. He played solo on the guitar, and did both old and new songs.

Ending the night was Jason Reeves. He was accompanied by his bass/keyboardist and drummer. The crowd really loved them, singing along to some songs. Jason’s little anecdotes in between songs showed his quirky, down-to-earth personality. He also played both old and new songs that really showcased his songwriting ability.

Check out more photos from the show here.

Watch more videos from the show here.

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