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Mae – (A)fternoon
September 24, 2009

With “(M)orning” released earlier and “(E)vening” upcoming at some point, Mae released “(A)fternoon” in late 2009/early 2010. The band took a similar approach as on “(M)orning”, but things are a little different.

“(M)orning” felt more like a unity, and frankly it was a lot more solid. The songs on “(A)fternoon” has a tendency to become a little messy at times. The final track is just a filler and Over & Over and Fight Song (Crash and Burn) just run too long.

It’s not all bad, because there’s some decent guitar work on this EP, at times very strong. Tracks like In Pieces and Communication (best song on the EP) show the band is musically very sound. Lyrically it’s not always very relatable or accessible, or when the songs are accessible it feels forced and while it is sincere it doesn’t necessarily come across that way.

The band delivered a promising debut, and while it was interesting there was obviously room for development and improvement. “(M)orning” was a nice EP with a lot of potential, but “(A)fternoon” isn’t really a step forward. Lets hope “(E)vening” brings us the potential this band has, because they are capable of something very good. It just hasn’t really come out on this release.

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