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Noblesse – We Are Not Humanity
Release Show – March 12, 2010

Between 8PM and 8:20PM suddenly the show started with the band starting to play and not much later, dancers appeared on the floor of the Melkweg in Amsterdam, coming from all corners. I don’t know much about modern dance but the combination of the conceptual art rock of Noblesse and the interesting choreography displayed by the dancers was a feast for both eyes and ears.

They started with Detrimental one of the ‘catchier’ songs on the album. (not sure if catchier is the right word, but I can’t think of another word that fits). The vocals were hard to hear for a little while, but the sound tech solved that very quickly and then the show really got underway.

While the music feels like conceptual art rock it doesn’t feel forced or too complicated. It’s deep and it provokes, it’s challenging, but it’s not distantiating. It has interesting melodics and emphasized rhythmics, musically. Which is one of the reasons this show was so suited to be incorporated with dancers.

Noblesse basically went through the whole “We Are Not Humanity” album while the dancers did their thing. Sometimes also, there was time for a little ‘story time’ where in a very amusing way we were slowly introduced into the music and dance again. There was use of visual effects (including the floor itself!) and props and this made the whole event much more interactive for the audience also.

Noblesse is one of the better kept secrets in music. And last night they proved they know how to treat their fans to a fantastic show. It was impressive, it was original and it was just damn good! Their new album is available through bandcamp, be sure to get it, it is very, very, very good.


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After 7 years, Lifehouse returns to the Netherlands

Thanks to Gianna for providing the video!

The whole adventure started on tuesday as I was picking up my Portuguese friend at the airport in Germany. The next day we made our way to Amsterdam and met up with all our other friends from all over Europe. We hung out and waited in line from 3pm up until doors opened. It was cool when they waved to us, but too bad they didn’t come out to talk for a few minutes. I was already severely sleep deprived but with enough chocolate, coffee and adrenaline, who cared? Singing songs in line, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and having a good time alltogether, it was not so bad at all. It was also kinda cool that Jimmy Alter talked to a few of my friends for their website.

So then doors opened, mayhem everywhere, I just took it easy and brought my jacket to the vestibule. My friends were holding my place at the stage anyway, haha. (I love my friends, they rock!) then valerius, who were a little strange at times, and while they are more of a summer band to me, they sounded pretty decent. They just need to learn that Portugal and Den Bosch does NOT sound the same, haha.

Then Lifehouse was there, yeehaw!, from circus tune to Everything, it was one hell of a show. Musically it was great, but I think I might have seen them do even better pure musically. But when it comes to stage presence and connecting with the audience, they have grown immensely and this is probably the best I’ve seen them do to this day. I think my highlights were Spin, AIEGFO, Wrecking Ball & Blind. I think especially Blind was performed with near perfection. It was funny when I saw Jason & Bryce chuckle about our Simon sign (which we slid next to the setlist). Unfortunately they didn’t play it. But to speak in the words of Lifehouse: “And if [we] fall and crash & burn, at least we both know that [we] tried”.

At one point this guy was working his way towards the stage, passed a note on to Ben and then Ben showed Jason and he asked something like: “This is for real?” And then he was like: “Who just gave this note to our guitar player? You got something to say? Come on up here!” So then a bald guy climbed on stage and Jason told us he was gonna take over for a few minutes. He then invited his girlfriend on stage and asked her to marry him. And of course she said yes. It was very cute how it was all spur of the moment/makeshift. He didn’t even have a ring yet, but at that point he figured this was the opportune moment cause his girlfriend really loved Lifehouse. Good for them 🙂 We talked to them afterwards and they seem really nice people. I wish them all the best!

We waited around, bought Smoke & Mirrors and talked to Winnie (head of the crew) who actually remembered me from the two minutes I talked to him in Massachusetts in 2007 (good memory!). Got a chance to thank him for giving me a few of Jason’s guitar picks back then 🙂 He didn’t know if or when the guys would come out, so after a while we had to go outside and figured we’d wait there since they had to come out sooner or later. But they must’ve snuck out right after the show, cause no one saw them and even Winnie (who was the last of the Lifehouse people to leave) had no idea where they went. He didn’t know where they were, didn’t have a place to sleep yet and didn’t have a phone on him. That was insane. But he’s such a kind person. We talked to him a little more and gave him some stuff for the band that he promised to deliver 🙂 I hope he figured things out last night.

We then made our way to our stop for the night (which was a whole other adventure, lol). But all the memories are something I will remember for many, many lifetimes.

Thank you to everyone I met yesterday and helped to make this experience as memorable as it is. I hope you all had a splendid time. I know I did.

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After a hiatus of 7 years, American mainstream rockers Lifehouse return to Europe. Their success has grown in the US & Canada, as well as in certain areas of South East Asia, but in the meantime Europe and other international areas stopped hearing from the band alltogether. Where they scored hit after hit in the US, the singles weren’t even released in most countries in Europe.

But things are about to change. In late february, the band visits The Netherlands & Germany for promotional gigs and scheduled two concerts in Germany (Cologne @ Luxor – Berlin @ Frannz) and one in the Netherlands (Amsterdam @ Melkweg).

Tickets are bound to sell out fairly quickly, so don’t hesitate too long if you intend to attend the show(s).

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