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Michelle Branch – Everything Comes And Goes [EP]
July 26, 2010

Michelle Branch came up fast with her blend of pop and rock n’ roll with some americana influences. She had great mainstream success in North America and the success even crossed into Europe and Australia. After a venture into country (The Wreckers), she is now returning to her solo work. “Everything Comes And Goes” was supposed to be a full-length album, but for now we’ll have to settle for 6 new songs.

The country/americana influences are much more present than they were in Branch’ early albums. But it’s not as much of a centerpiece as it was with The Wreckers. Single Sooner or Later even sounds like an updated version of Branch’ older work and will put smiles on the faces of many fans.

The EP kicks off with a gritty rock & roll song (with bluesy americana influences). Ready To Let You Go has some twang to it, but it also has an interesting edge and a driving rhythm. Instead of portraying the sweetness of her vocals, Michelle Branch chooses to show the powerful side of her vocals this time. Together with the single Sooner or Later this makes for an excellent start of this EP.

And then we reach one of the best songs of this year. I Want Tears is a hit single in the making. Relatable lyrical content, catchy chorus and it pretty much does what Ilse deLange has been doing in the Netherlands and Belgium for the past 5 years. Mixing pop with americana influences and mixing it into a powerful pop song that speaks to fans of different musical preferences. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the song that puts Michelle Branch right back at the top of the pop world, where she belongs.

The more laid-back Crazy Ride is a song that can grow on you. It’s not the strongest track on the EP, and the country influences (which I do not mind by the way, I actually believe it fits Branch’ vocals) are more prominent. But it has a certain quality that makes the song get a little better each time you hear it. Summertime is a solid song, but compared to the other songs on the record it’s slightly predictable at times. Closer, and title track, Everything Comes And Goes took me a couple listens to fully appreciate, but it’s a song that shows off strong vocals and a subtle arrangement that is both classy and musically sound.

With “Everything Comes And Goes” Michelle Branch shows that she is still going strong and that she still belongs at the top of the world of pop music. The record is consistently strong and all the songs can stand their own. Too bad it’s not a full-length where Branch would have more opportunities to show off more variety and creativity, but for a 6-song EP, this is an excellent release and one that deserves the credit. Michelle Branch, welcome back!

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