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LiVES (Volume II)
Novel by Gil Gonzalez

Lives II novel by Gil Gonzalez

After the first novel, where we were introduced to Max and Cate, the story ended with the two of them going their seperate ways. The story continues in the second volume where we will follow both Max & Cate’s adventures as they develop themselves and find their way. Will they stay apart? Will they get back together? Max ended up in California while Cate went back to Louisiana. There are many miles between them, but.. what will happen next?

You will find out more if you pick up a copy of the second volume of The Lives Project, including the accompanying EP by John Taglieri. See how the story of Max and Cate continues and how their lives may or may not intersect again. Go to http://www.thelivesproject.com for more information and to purchase this unique project!

Now lets take a closer look at the novel. What struck me most in the first novel was the freshness and real-life-style of writing. The story was written like it was going on right in front of you. At first I wasn’t really sure if it was a story I could lose myself in, but because you easily relate to the characters and their feelings and because it feels so actual, so current, so right in front of you, you start feeling like you’re part of the adventure.

The pace in part II is a little slower, and you get to learn more about certain character traits and histories of the main characters of this story. We meet new people in this novel and while we learn more about the characters, the characters learn more about themselves also. Gil Gonzalez describes these processes of learning to know oneself and figuring out what actions to take because of that very clearly and accurately. You don’t really feel like you are the main character but you feel like you’re the bystander, or even the friend that is seeing it all. This is what makes this story so intriguing, because it all feels so close and real. It’s a story that could be happening right now, to anyone, anywhere.

Just like volume I, volume II is another good story, accompanied by well-chosen and well-written music, that together makes a unique project, which will continue later this year. Be sure to pick up your copies of both the book and the EP and learn about Max & Cate as their adventure is far from over. Get to know the characters, get to know the project, get to know the people behind it. And I promise you, it is time well spent!

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John Taglieri is posting regular updates on the process of the recording and coming-together-of the EP part of the third volume of The Lives Project. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and TheLivesProject.Com to get the latest updates on how the work is progressing. And just like the first two volumes, the third will also be accompanied by a short novel by Gil Gonzalez. The story of Max & Cate will continue later this year!

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