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Only Seven Left – Wake Up Call [CDS]

Only Seven Left is a refreshing new band on the Dutch pop/rock scene. Piano-based rock has been booming the past decade and there have been a lot of young bands popping up thinking they can make it in that genre. And while some of those bands do make it, most of them have their 15minutes of fame and then fade into oblivion. However, I believe Only Seven Left is one of those bands that has enough originality and spontaneity to break through to a wider audience and consolidate and even improve that position.

A few CD Singles and EPs into their career this band already knows how to write killer hooks and infectious mainstream pop/rock tunes with an edge. As you can hear on the main track Wake Up Call. The energetic and infectious melody catches you right away and before no time you’ll find yourself singing along (or if that’s not your thing, you’ll at least be moving along) to the song. This song is born to be played on the regional and student radio stations. It has the perfect catchiness and freshness to it to address a young and young adult public. And as interest grows, mainstream radio will have no choice and they will kick themselves in the head for not noticing this earlier.

Following the single is Lost And Found, which is one of my favorite songs of the moment. The song has enormous live potential and has a very strong build up. There are quite some subtleties in this song and the whole arrangement works together well. It’s high energy and high tempo and reminds me somewhat of Making April & Meese (both bands I hold in high esteem). It’s catchy though not as catchy as Wake Up Call. But this is quite the impressive song.

I’m Fine is up next. And again, this is a very fine track. Uptempo, good energy, good intensity. This band knows how to bring good music to the table. The sound of the song is slightly different from the previous songs but it has the same overall feel. I think the first two tracks were a little stronger, but I’m Fine is definitely worthy of its spot on this CD.

On the final track, the band takes down the pace a little bit. The power ballad A Shoulder To Cry On is a worthy closer of this short album. The vocals and keys interact very well and together they lead you into the song and they won’t let you out until the very last note. There’s a good balance between sensitivity and intensity in this song, which is something that often goes awry with young, upcoming bands. Only Seven Left proves they are already maturing as musicians and that promises a lot of good for their future.

With this 4 track CDS, Only Seven Left leaves a strong impression and it only strengthens my belief that there is an enormous amount of talent in the Netherlands when it comes to music. Only Seven Left, however, is a band that will not be bound by the boundaries of the Netherlands for long. Through good use of the possibilities provided by the internet, they are already reaching out to many places outside of our own country, and if they keep up this level of high quality music, they will only expand their fanbase, domestic and foreign alike.

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