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Allie Moss – Passerby [EP]
March 30, 2009

Last year, Allie Moss released a pretty impressive EP called “Passerby”. It contains 7 well written pop songs that have the ability to stick in your head for days on end. I don’t know how long the ‘la la las’ of Corner were resonating in my head.

It’s not just a matter of catchy pop songs, no, Allie Moss actually shows she’s a very promising singer/songwriter on songs like Let It Go and Days I Regret. Her vocals are heartfelt and comforting and her vocal color is quite special. It’s one of those voices that can speak to you directly.

The singer/songwriter genre is very crowded and one needs something special to even get noticed. Allie Moss has the conviction and the talent to be one of those singer/songwriters who can bring something more to the table. With well-written songs and strong vocals and a personal connection to the listener she is able to lay out her music for all to hear.

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