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Patrick Park – Come What Will
April 6, 2010

Patrick Park - Come What Will

Those of you who read my reviews for Patrick Park’s previous albums will remember that I am a big fan of this singer/songwriter. And the funny thing is that I can’t really explain what it is exactly that makes me like his music so much. Obviously I am able to connect to it on a very personal and direct level and the folk/rock arrangements are very pleasant to the ear and make for great radio pop songs. This combined with Patrick’s clear and soothing vocals give you the idea that he’s speaking to you personally.

Not necessarily musically, but in the approach, Patrick Park reminds me a lot of earlier folk singers like Carole King, James Taylor, and even Bob Dylan in his earlier days. These people could deliver a song (and they still can!) to you with so much conviction and at the same time invest in it personally so that you not only believe the song but that it literally speaks to you. Patrick Park also possesses this quality. Apart from being an excellent songwriter he is also a superb performer. Musically one might put Park in the same strait as artists like Joseph Arthur or Tom McRae.

On his new album “Come What Will”, which will officially be released in April, Patrick Park treats us to 10 new songs. The personal feel and relatable lyrics are brought to life by Park’s passionate and soothing vocals. As a vocalist he has a good range and knows how to use it to get the maximal emotional response to his music. And with gems like You’ll Get Over, Blackbird Through The Dark, You’re Enough & Starry Night, Patrick Park shows he’s come together as an artist. “Come What Will” has the intimate and personal feel of his breakthrough record “Loneliness Knows My Name” yet also the pop appeal of  his previous album “Everyone’s In Everyone”. It’s the perfect comfort zone for this groovy, laid-back and intriguing performer. It gives his songs a chance to shine and it showcases the great talent that is Patrick Park. His current fans will be very happy with this record and he is sure to win many, many more fans with this excellent new album!

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