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Amy Petty – House of Doors
November 1, 2010

You may remember Amy Petty from her previous album “Mystery Keeps You”. A rare discovery who was able to combine the storytelling with true musicianship, with a conviction and sincerity that you don’t see all that often anymore these days.

She shows that same quality on her new release “House of Doors”. With an even better production than the predecessor and excellent contributions from guest and session musicians, Petty creates a perfect situation to deliver a follow-up that can deliver on the promises she made on her last release.

Right from the start you can hear the quality in the music and with Petty’s ability to vary between powerful, fragile and sentimental vocals which she uses to accentuate her more than excellent lyrics, you can hear a very complete singer/songwriter.

Songs like Amelia are sung and played so well that you actually start to relate to the character of the song. Other highlights like Skeleton Key, Sketches of Plans and Sleepwalking To Dreaming show you how remarkable it is that this artist hasn’t yet been discovered by a much wider audience. The way Amy Petty combines emotion, sincerity, and poetic lyricism, she hits the essence of songwriting. That’s exactly why her songs can become so powerful.

And songs like Get Over It, Spinning Plates and You Make Me Free have a current feel that would have a real shot on the radio. So in that aspect there is a real chance that the people may actually hear about this talented musician. Because if there’s any justice in this world, Amy Petty is on the verge of breaking through. “Mystery Keeps You” may have been a very good and very promising album, but on “House of Doors”, Petty steps it up a few more notches and I’m not exaggerating when I say that there aren’t many in the genre that can meet the same standard that Amy Petty does. “House of Doors” came in a little late to compete for album of the year, but it will most definitely carry over into the 2011 competition. It is just that good!

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Long Story Short – What A Scene
December 21, 2010

Recently I was approached by Long Story Short and asked if I wanted to review their upcoming debut album “What A Scene”. Naturally I responded with a certain yes. I’m always up to listen to new music and see what it has to offer.

Long Story Short is Daniel Luka and Nicky James. And while listening to the album I got the impression that these two complement each other very well. The songs have a good drive and often recognizable hooks and riffs that make the songs accessible for the general audience.

“What A Scene” kicks off with a slightly cynical powerpop song (Fall Awake). Its energy and attitude certainly set the mood for the album. The lead single Caved In feeds off that energy and carries on in a similar fashion. The combination of these two songs at the start of the album immediately gets the listeners attention.

Something that I found remarkable is the growth that Luka shows as a vocalist. I’ve known him for some time and heard some recordings of him doing covers and originals, on which he usually did a decent job, but the level and consistency he shows on this album is ten steps higher.

Especially combined with the keys provided by James and their compatibility as musicians they find a way to create music that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time. The songs are often catchy and always relatable. In essence “What A Scene” is a rock album, but Long Story Short still manages to show they can vary within the genre. There are some uptempo rock and powerpop songs like the first two tracks and the album highlight The Truth Hurts, which shows these guys have some excellent songwriting skills. But there are also quieter and sentimental songs like the beautiful What Mattered Most, the gentle Forever and album closer Eternal Smile.

The overall sound is very organic and you can hear different influences in the music, ranging from different genres and eras, which is probably why the songs have a recognizable and familiar sound to them. But because Long Story Short manages to keep the songs close to themselves and execute the songs convincingly it sounds fresh and new. With catchy songs and relatable lyrics many of the songs show radio and tv potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if the band chooses to work that angle.

For a debut, this is a more than solid effort. Highlights are Fall Awake, The Truth Hurts, What Mattered Most and Eternal Smile. Especially when I look at the songwriting aspect, these songs stick out. But I would encourage you to listen to the album all the way through as it has a very natural progression and while there are some little things I could point out here and there, Long Story Short shows a consistent quality throughout the whole release. Seeing where this band comes from and what they managed to accomplish in a relatively short period of time is remarkable and leads me to believe that “What A Scene” is only the tip of the iceberg. Long Story Short is a band that should not slip through the cracks. They’re too promising for that.

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Chad Perrone – Release
April/May, 2010

Chad Perrone just released his third solo album. His previous albums “Used To Dream” & “Wake” were excellent and he’s easily one of the best independent artists in the States. This made me very curious for this new album, titled “Release”. Because I hold Perrone’s music in such high regard, my expectations were quite high.

On “Release”, Chad Perrone is immediately recognizable. The energetic rock & roll song OK kicks off the album. It’s catchy, has passionate vocals and would make an excellent lead off single. Perrone is an excellent songwriter and lyricist and with his powerful vocals he is able to give the songs something extra. Tracks like Touch, Motionless, Monster and At The Ruins are standout tracks but the whole album is more than solid. Perrone is very driven as a songwriter and an artist and you can hear that in his music.

The vocal performance on Here For Good is phenomenal and the criminally catchy Anything Or Anyone is a potential radio hit. The intro leads you into the song and then when you get to the chorus it’s too late, you’ll have this song in your head for days on end.

While Chad Perrone excells on these energetic songs he’s also a master of the power ballad. Under Different Circumstances proves that, and the album closer is a powerful duet with Lisa Piccirillo is a thing of beauty. Chad Perrone’s previous albums were among my favorite independent releases of those years and I suspect that “Release” will score quite high on my 2010 list. He may not be known to a really big audience yet, but “Release” should change that. With radio candidates such as OK*, Motionless, Anything Or Anyone*, Under Different Circumstances*, Breathe, Like It’s Easy, and Anxious Anymore, there is plenty of material that could help facilitate Perrone’s real breakthrough. In my opinion that’s long overdue anyway.

“Release” is available through Bandcamp.com already and will be available as a physical CD in May of 2010.

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Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away
May 4, 2010

This is Josh Ritter’s 6th studio album and I feel I can just keep on saying the same thing over and over again. Because on “So Runs The World Away”, Ritter once again proves he’s one of the better songwriters out there and that he is very able to release an album with heartfelt and intriguing songs.

The album sounds very current, both musically and lyrically and is very accessible for pretty much everyone. The overall sound of the album is a little richer (especially in the arrangements) than “Historical Conquests” but the subtleties in the arrangements and the singers/songwriter nature of this artist is never far away. The sentimental The Curse is a a great example of how a musical arrangement can create a mood. Ritter’s vocals can easily, almost literally, breathe life into a song like that.

And Ritter continues to excell on this new album. For example the groovy, almost dark Rattling Locks is an unexpected masterpiece, which Ritter effortlessly follows up with the americana gem Folk Bloodbath. There are more excellent songs on this album (listen to See How Man Was Made and Long Shadows) and once again Ritter delivers on an album that deserves to make many ‘best of the year’ lists.

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Dutch indie rock band Little things that kill put the finishing touches on their interesting new album ‘Smokescreens’ and is now ready to release it online onto the Bandcamp.Com website. It contains a collection of very interesting and energetic rock tracks that you do not want to miss out on. Being serious talent on 3FM radio and playing highly anticipated live shows in the Netherlands, this is a band that is in the process of breaking through. Don’t miss out on the action and listen to, and then purchase the album off of Bandcamp. Click below to go to the album page!

Click here to listen to & purchase 'Smokescreens'


Click the picture to listen to/purchase 'Smokescreens'

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After a hiatus of 7 years, American mainstream rockers Lifehouse return to Europe. Their success has grown in the US & Canada, as well as in certain areas of South East Asia, but in the meantime Europe and other international areas stopped hearing from the band alltogether. Where they scored hit after hit in the US, the singles weren’t even released in most countries in Europe.

But things are about to change. In late february, the band visits The Netherlands & Germany for promotional gigs and scheduled two concerts in Germany (Cologne @ Luxor – Berlin @ Frannz) and one in the Netherlands (Amsterdam @ Melkweg).

Tickets are bound to sell out fairly quickly, so don’t hesitate too long if you intend to attend the show(s).

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