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(awards will be sent out in the first week of 2011)

Album of the Year
Chad Perrone – Release

Song of the Year
Jeremy Messersmith – A Girl, A Boy & A Graveyard

Talent/Newcomer of the Year
Nathan Brooks


In addition to the main categories, for which you all frantically voted, I promised to also announce a winner for the award for Best Live Show of 2010 (which I picked out of the shows Inner Ear Media visited/covered). It was a tough choice to make, but the winner is:

Tim Christensen


Thank you everyone for voting. There was a total of over 2,300 votes which I found astonishing for a little blog like Inner Ear Media. It really means a lot to me that you all took a minute to cast your vote. Thanks!!

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Chad Perrone – Release
April/May, 2010

Chad Perrone just released his third solo album. His previous albums “Used To Dream” & “Wake” were excellent and he’s easily one of the best independent artists in the States. This made me very curious for this new album, titled “Release”. Because I hold Perrone’s music in such high regard, my expectations were quite high.

On “Release”, Chad Perrone is immediately recognizable. The energetic rock & roll song OK kicks off the album. It’s catchy, has passionate vocals and would make an excellent lead off single. Perrone is an excellent songwriter and lyricist and with his powerful vocals he is able to give the songs something extra. Tracks like Touch, Motionless, Monster and At The Ruins are standout tracks but the whole album is more than solid. Perrone is very driven as a songwriter and an artist and you can hear that in his music.

The vocal performance on Here For Good is phenomenal and the criminally catchy Anything Or Anyone is a potential radio hit. The intro leads you into the song and then when you get to the chorus it’s too late, you’ll have this song in your head for days on end.

While Chad Perrone excells on these energetic songs he’s also a master of the power ballad. Under Different Circumstances proves that, and the album closer is a powerful duet with Lisa Piccirillo is a thing of beauty. Chad Perrone’s previous albums were among my favorite independent releases of those years and I suspect that “Release” will score quite high on my 2010 list. He may not be known to a really big audience yet, but “Release” should change that. With radio candidates such as OK*, Motionless, Anything Or Anyone*, Under Different Circumstances*, Breathe, Like It’s Easy, and Anxious Anymore, there is plenty of material that could help facilitate Perrone’s real breakthrough. In my opinion that’s long overdue anyway.

“Release” is available through Bandcamp.com already and will be available as a physical CD in May of 2010.

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Sandy Dane’s ‘One Way Ticket’ out on iTunes!

One of the most promising pop acts in the Netherlands is a young lady by the name of Sandy Dane. She has a few releases under her belt and her previous pop singles (Peace, Love & Icecream in particular) have been well-received.

Currently she is about to release her official debut ‘Beautiful & Ugly’ and as of today her new single One Way Ticket is out and ready for you to purchase. For the moment it is only on iTunes NL but if you don’t mind going outside of iTunes, Play.com also makes the song available for international purchase.

Be sure to check out this excellent new song. It’s bound to be a spring radio hit with its bubbly sound and is perfect to enjoy on a nice warm spring night with a good glass of wine. Now, if that doesn’t convince you, go listen to the song and I assure you that you’ll like it.

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