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Mofodishu – Rhythm is for Gals
October 2010

There is no easy way to describe what MOFODiSHU does. They describe themselves as a noise/drone/ambient/improv/jazz-trio. Not sure if that’s what I’d use to describe them, but since I have nothing better to go with, lets stick with it.

“Rhythm is for Gals” is the band’s sophomore release and features 4 tracks. The combination of Ross on the knobs, Noordzy on the reeds and Karl doing various other things (vocals and guitar among others) is a constant match (and sometimes mismatch) of sounds that over the whole sounds (deliberately) chaotic.

While this genre is an acquired taste in itself, MOFODiSHU is an acquired taste within the genre. Influences from acts like Wolf Eyes and Merzbow aren’t farfetched and  one could easily put the band in the same range of the genre, but MOFODiSHU does really create a sound of its own.

There’s no denying that what they do flows over in originality. And that is the band’s strongest point. Their originality. The way they combine and edit their compositions (or should I maybe say non-compositions, cause at times it seems so improv/experimental, even random that it can hardly be composed) becomes interesting. Where at times artists in the ambient/noise/drone category are able to make their music quite accessible, MOFODiSHU doesn’t quite achieve that.

So while “Rhythm is for Gals” is technically and in originality a reasonably strong package it is not likely to branch out very far. Which is kind of a shame because there is something there. Don’t expect a lot of melody, or harmony for that matter. Don’t expect easy listening. Don’t even expect songs or filmesque music. Basically, don’t expect anything, just let it happen. You’ll either be intrigued or you’ll hate it. But it definitely won’t leave you opinion-less. Which, in itself, seems an accomplishment.

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