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Saving Abel – Miss America

Saving Abel failed to convince with their debut. They basically sounded like a younger version of Nickelback, who aren’t really an example of creativity and originality themselves. So if you emulate a band like that, at least do it properly, but Saving Abel didn’t even manage to do that too well.

I’m not saying these guys are bad musicians, but the music is all a bit unimaginative. And just like they did on their first album, they filled “Miss America” with formula rock and lyrics that don’t really speak to you, and at times the lyrics don’t even really make any sense. The theme of sex(uality) returns on this new album but it may be a good idea to leave that concept to bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crowes and Kings of Leon. It’s an okay attempt but it isn’t really working for them.

The younger pop/rock fans who want an album they can easily listen to will be fine with this new release. It’s an album that doesn’t require you to think, and whatever you may think of it, the songs are all cut to go on mainstream radio. There’s a certain catchiness to them and they are easy to remember. But for those fans who need to be stimulated at least a little, you might want to consider spending your $10 on another album.

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