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Slave Called Shiver – Superlateral
April 20, 2010

This rock band from Austria released a few demos in the past, but they are now ready to present their debut album “Superlateral” to the world. The band underwent a couple changes in the recent past but the strong basis of the band is still standing strong.

“Superlateral” is a diverse and creative alternative rock record. Vocalist and primary songwriter Alicia Bankhofer is completely in touch with the songs she writes and the combination of strong songwriting and passionate vocals, excellently backed up by guitarist Philip Rechthaler and other musicians make for an album filled with powerful rock songs.

Songs that immediately stand out are Great Escape which is intense and powerful, the driven anthem Paint My Blues, and the creative Lies. But the whole album is full of surprisingly strong rock songs. I say surprisingly because it isn’t very often you see this kind of quality on a band’s debut album.

The drive and passion with which the songs are performed makes for an intense album that enables you to really get into the songs. If you’re into alternative rock or into melodic rock music with an edge, you will have to give this album a listen. Don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks on “Superlateral” because you will get your money’s worth all the way through this album.

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