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Brian Jarvis – On & On

Brian Jarvis and band make a blend of easy to listen to, ready for radio, easy to market pop/rock. On & On is one of those songs that fit right in with a million other songs you can hear every day. Is it a good song? Yes it is a good song. Does it really stand out? Yes and no. The quality of the performance is actually very high and the production’s fairly decent as well. But the songwriting doesn’t stand out as much. At times it’s predictable and could use a little more imagination. Lyrically it’s okay but nothing exceptional.

I may sound rather critical in my comments but in fact I actually enjoy this song quite a lot. It’s pleasant and it makes you smile. It’s just nothing extraordinary. But it does easily stick in your head and has a certain commercial quality to it that would make it easy to push it forward once radio picks up on it.

For mainstream radio pop/rock fans this is a band that will fit right into your collection of music. I’ve seen comparisons with Sister Hazel, Honestly, Gin Blossoms. But I don’t think Brian Jarvis is quite that far yet. There are certainly similarities in the sound and I would put them all in the same general corner of the genre but where the previously mentioned bands were able to bring something exciting to the songwriting, Brian Jarvis is still looking for that last step to make to compete in the big leagues.

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