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Tristan Clopet – Purple [EP]
January 7, 2010

Tristan Clopet - Purple EP

Tristan Clopêt is an up and coming artist who makes a kind of music that can best be described as a mix of modern rock with alternative influences from the 80s, 90s and with a funky undertone. Some people have referred to Jeff Buckley and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I can definitely see the RHCP references, especially in the opener and Ethereal Evidence, yet I feel like it’s only partially fair to make that comparison, especially if you listen to a track like So Alive which falls more in the category of early Snow Patrol, Feeder & Republic of Letters, with the more anthemic build up.

Overall it’s a pretty solid EP that shows talent in songwriting. The vocals are excellent, they really are and the guitar work is very professional. Everything fits together quite nicely. And while the songs are solid and well-written and sometimes even quite catchy, there is something about them that makes me wonder about the commercial successfulness of this EP. I’m convinced local radio will pick up on it, and the songs lean themselves perfectly for live performances as they are filled with energy and emotion. Personally I actually like how the production of the songs is kind of raw and down-to-earth if you will. But for the songs to be embraced commercially I think the whole thing should sound a little more polished.

At the end of the day, “Purple” is a solid EP, containing 6 strong songs, songs that grow on you the more you hear them. Good songs possess that quality. Listening to this release gives me the feeling I’m listening to a real musician, not just someone who can play a nice song convincingly, but a real musician who invests in a song and gives everything to let it come out. I have to give Clopêt praise for that, as that is what music is about. It’s about the energy and emotion you put into it and the connection you have with it yourself as well as the connections your listeners can have with the music. I believe that Clopêt gets that and you can hear it in the music. Whether the songs on this EP will mean a breakthrough for him, I’m not quite so convinced yet, but I do hope it offers this musician opportunities to take his career forward, because he holds the talent and musicality that deserves to get a chance. The mix of modern rock and different alternative influences makes for interesting variety in his music. Songs like Superficiality Is A Sin & Love And A Question are excellent songs and should convince you of this man’s potential. Check out his songs and judge for yourself.

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