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One of IEM’s favorite artists, JJ Appleton was picked to compete in the final contest to be the opener for Bowling For Soup during several UK gigs. We would like to ask you 30 seconds of your time to give him your vote in this poll.

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Personally I would be very happy and grateful if you wouldn’t mind to cast that vote in favor of JJ Appleton, cause it would give me a good excuse for a short UK trip, and I know JJ will be very grateful too!

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Cutback – Audio Suicide [CDS]

The UK is a breeding ground for talented pop and rock musicians. It has been for decades. A new name I’d like to present to you is Cutback. Cutback hails from Norwich and produces some infectious ‘wall-of-sound-guitar-rock’. Their music thrives on the energy and emotion that is omnipresent in pretty much every single second of their songs. For example, take their single Audio Suicide. It contains three tracks, that are very pleasant to the fans of this highly energetic rock genre.

The main track, Audio Suicide, has that typical British feel to it, but it has the fast-paced, guitar driven action of American stadium rock. But in all of this they maintain a certain amount of flow and catchiness that makes this track an excellent rock radio airplay contender.

Audio Suicide has the ability to grow on you. It’s not the best song I heard this year and I don’t believe this single will provide the band’s breakthrough, but there is no denying there is something about this band that is not only genuine but also very promising. Give it a little time and I assure you they’ll come back even stronger and if so, a breakthrough is surely upcoming.

Following the main track is One Last Time, which, in my opinion, would possibly be even better suited for rock radio. While the vocals on the main track were a little bit stronger, the powerpop feel to One Last Time makes it incredibly infectious and with the fast tempo, this track thrives on energy and intensity. This would be an awesome opener for a live set as well.

And then last, but definitely not least, Way Of Life. This is the most impressive track on this single release. Out of the three the least suitable for radio airplay but musically and vocally it stands out. Impressive vocals and tight instrumentals always make a good basis for a song. Add to that the excellent drive and powerful delivery of Way Of Life and you have a perfectly fine rock track on your hands. This is the track that does it for me, the track that makes me seriously believe this band has something special.

The Audio Suicide single contains three good songs that show a band that’s working towards their maximum potential. They might not be there quite yet, but they are well on their way. Without too much compromising they deliver on three powerful rock tracks with intensity and energy that provides the basis for building a solid live reputation. And if this development continues they might be a household name in the UK rock scene in no time, and after that, the sky is the limit. Give their songs a spin and get a piece of the action, you will not regret it.

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