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Valerius – Valerius

Last year, Valerius scored a huge summer hit with She Doesn’t Know, which kicks off their debut album. It’s a jumpy, catchy song that fits right with the summer breeze, while your sipping from your drink on the sidewalk café. It’s a cute song and it’s entertaining but it’s hard to say the song has a lasting impression. And that pretty much goes for the whole album.

Young pop bands are popping up everywhere and Valerius can use that momentum to get some attention. In the States it’s the era of pop bands like the Jonas Brothers and Honor Society and musically, it’s not such a stretch to add Valerius to that part of the spectrum. The band makes recognizable pop songs that are catchy and slick. Very suited for mainstream pop radio.

But there is no real durability or depth in the songs that makes them more than a short term radio hit. It’s all pretty tight musically and the band is able to present itself in a good fashion as well but it’s not a debut album that wowes you. There are moments in which the band manages to surprise, with songs like You Say When and Sunday, but these moments are sporadic.

It’s not a bad album, it’s even a pleasant album for those who enjoy catchy pop songs. But it’s not an album that sticks with you through the years. The band obviously aims on a younger audience and I imagine they might well be able to generate a pretty decent following of young teenagers, but they will need to grow and evolve to become a success act with a wider audience.

All in all, “Valerius” is an okay debut. The band is still young and learning, so who knows what the future will bring them. But for now it’s just a fun album, nothing more, nothing less.

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